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Survivor Outreach Services Family Center                                         Fort Bliss, TX                        February 23 - 24

Dearest Families,

We are excited to share with you that the SOS office will be moving into a facility that is designated especially for you and to honor your loved ones. We will be hosting a Ribbon Cutting ceremony for the Grand Opening of the new Survivor Outreach Services Family Center. We invite you to please join us on Friday, 24 February at 11am for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

The Hall of Remembrance will be located in the new Survivor Outreach Services Family Center, Building 241, Sheridan Road, Fort Bliss

The Fort Bliss Survivor Outreach Services will open the Hall of Remembrance for Surviving Family Members of Western Texas and New Mexico. This Hall is designed for Family members to have a place on Fort Bliss to honor their Hero.

The Hall is also used for SOS activities, programs, and ceremonies. Many of you already framed your picture the evening of the Holiday Reception and your hero will be the first ones to go up on the wall.

We invite all of those Families who were not able to join us that evening to please mail us their picture. We encourage you to share your favorite photograph of your Hero. We ask the picture be of the Soldier only. If you would like your Hero to be included in this special room, please forward a favorite, 8”x10”, photograph, or artist’s rendering of your loved one. We will have it framed and placed in the Hall of Remembrance with a brass plaque engraved with your Hero’s rank, name (as you would like it to appear), date of birth and date of death. For more information, please call us at 915-568-5970 or 915-569-5287.

Send submissions by US Post office to: Federal Express to:

ACS Survivor Outreach Services ACS Survivor Outreach Services

1733 Pleasonton Road Building 241 Sheridan Road

Fort Bliss, TX 79916-6812 Fort Bliss, TX 79916-6812