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American Gold Star Mothers Inc., Albuquerque New Mexico

Chapter Job Descriptions


THE CHAPTER PRESIDENT shall perform the duties and exercise the powers usually incident to the chief executive’s office. She shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter. She shall appoint all committees and is ex officio member of same, with the exception of the Nominating Committee. She shall act as judge at all elections and obligate new members. She shall sign all checks drawn on the treasury for appropriations of money. All questions of debate shall be decided by vote of the Chapter.

  • Plans and presides over all meetings of the chapter.
  • Reviews monthly reports from the Treasurer and any other reports from chapter members as requested.
  • Acts as the voice for the chapter for all public events and news interviews unless she assigns the duty to another member.
  • Coordinates volunteer activities in keeping with the mission of AGSM.
  • Maintains copy of official chapter binder and passes onto her succeeding president.


THE CHAPTER VICE-PRESIDENT shall uphold and maintain the Constitution and By-Laws of American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., and assist the President in any way possible. She shall discharge the duties of the President in her absence or inability to serve. Serves as Americanism Chairman which includes leading the pledge to the flag at all official functions and chapter meetings.

Recording Secretary

THE CHAPTER RECORDING SECRETARY shall make and keep in permanent form a record of all the proceedings of the Chapter and its Executive Board. She shall have available at all meetings a copy of the Chapter’s Standing Rules. Maintains copy of official chapter binder and passes onto her succeeding recording secretary.


THE CHAPTER TREASURER shall receive and disburse all funds of the Chapter, keep accurate accounts and give a statement of the financial condition of the Chapter at each meeting and at the end of her term. She shall pay all claims approved by the Chapter. She shall screen all new membership applications and send with application fee to the Department Treasurer. She shall notify all members when dues are payable and shall send annual Department and National per capita to the Department Treasurer by January 15th of .each year. She shall have the books audited before the end of her term by three members of the Chapter, appointed by the President. Three signatures are required on all bank accounts namely Chapter President, Chapter Treasurer and one other Officer, with two signatures required on Chapter checks.

  • Send monthly reconciled accounting statement to chapter members.
  • Keeps financial books of the chapter and pays claims.
  • Presents written financial report at each chapter meeting.
  • Develops annual budget in collaboration with appointed committee.


THE CHAPTER CHAPLAIN shall conduct the devotional exercises at the opening and closing of each meeting; conduct all Memorial Services and send notice of deaths of members and Dads to the Department Chaplain or National Service Officer and perform such other duties as pertain to her office.

  • Be comfortable to do spontaneous prayer when requested.
  • Responsible of draping of the charter when appropriate.


THE CHAPTER SERGEANT-AT-ARMS shall guard the door of the Chapter room and see that order is maintained during meetings. She shall assist during obligation ceremonies and perform such other duties as the President may direct.

Flag Guard (or Bearer) AND/OR Banner Guard (or Bearer)

THE CHAPTER COLOR GUARDS (Flag Bearer, Banner Bearer) shall carry the Colors in presenting and retiring same at Chapter meetings. They shall see that the Colors are in place before and properly cared for after each meeting and shall assist during obligation of new members, and as such other official times as the President may direct


Corresponding Secretary

  • THE CHAPTER CORRESPONDING SECRETARY shall conduct the official correspondence of the Chapter, sending a copy of same to the Chapter President and keeping a copy in the Chapter files. Reads all incoming letters at chapter meeting.
  • Mails birthday cards to members and sends acknowledgement of our children’s birthday and angelversary cards.


THE CHAPTER HISTORIAN shall compile a written history of the Chapter annually and preserve in permanent form all pictures, photographs, newspaper clippings, souvenirs, etc., of interest to the Chapter.

Community Service Chairman

THE CHAPTER COMMUNITY SERVICE CHAIRMAN shall keep a record of the Community Service performed by its members and forward annually to the Department Community Service Chairman to be reported at the Department Convention.

VAVS Chairman

THE CHAPTER VAVS CHAIRMAN shall render such services as the Chapter directs to hospitalized veterans through the VAVS Representative and in other facilities through the proper authorities. She shall submit a report annually to the Department VAVS Chairman.


THE CHAPTER PARLIAMENTARIAN shall study the Constitution and By-Laws of American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., and interpret same upon request of the President.

Legislative Chairman

THE CHAPTER LEGISLATIVE CHAIRMAN shall keep informed of all legislation of interest and benefit to American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., and report on same to the members

Disclaimer: The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by the officers of the Chapter. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of this position. All officers may be required to perform duties outside of their normal responsibilities as needed.

September 2019