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Mother's Day Poem

The Kite

American Gold Star Mothers 

A heart wrenching bond,

We Gold Star Mothers share.

Our sons and daughters gave all,

without any despair.

They answered the call,

And put themselves on the line

Fighting for our freedom

And a secure nation on their minds.

We know all too well

The deep heartache inside

Unbearable loss

For our loved ones that died.

We cannot change

These fatal events.

Just honor their memory

Shall be our intent.

It is now our job

To remind everyone.

Just how brave they were,

Our daughters and our sons

We stand proud for them now

And do what we can.

To support their comrades

Until this war comes to an end.

And when we die,

Don’t be sad for us then.

As we will be in the arms

Of our sons and daughters again.

By: Cathy Hicks, American Gold Star Mother