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Travis Manion Foundation - Honor the Fallen

After the casualty officer leaves and support fades, families are left with a loss that forever changes their lives. The Travis Manion Foundation offers opportunities for children, parents, spouses, siblings and battle buddies to honor their loved one by challenging themselves in uniquely personal ways. We also partner with the Mission Continues to offer a program that keeps the spirit of service and love of country alive for every Fallen Hero.

Challenge Grants

The Travis Manion Foundation offers a completely unique program to challenge survivors. Grant recipients are challenged to keep the spirit of service and love of country alive for every fallen hero. Successful applicants outline project details, clear goals, and a definition of success - and share with us how their personal challenge will honor their loved one. Applicants receive Challenge Grant funds to help them achieve their goal and honor the spirit, service, and life of their relative or battle buddy.

Fellowship Program

One way we strive to honor the fallen by challenging the living is to partner with The Mission Continues, a national non-profit organization that challenges post-9/11 wounded and disabled veterans to continue their service by serving their communities. The Mission Continues CEO Eric Greitens and Travis Manion served together in Iraq.

Through this work, the Travis Manion Foundation pairs families of Fallen Heroes with Mission Continues Fellows so that each Fellow can perform his/her service in honor of a Fallen American Hero.

The Mission Continues Fellowship Program provides an opportunity for wounded and disabled veterans to use their military skills and leadership in a non-profit setting to provide tangible service to their community. Fellowships are 14-28 weeks in length and provide the veteran the opportunity for professional development, mentoring assistance, networking, and career-building experiences. Fellows receive a cost-of-living stipend for the duration of their Fellowship. Most importantly, Fellows report their volunteerism has given them a sense of purpose and allowed them to continue their service to our country.

Learn more about America's Fallen Heroes and visit The Mission Continues.

The Travis Manion Foundation and The Mission Continues have worked closely together for the last three years, in fact the Travis Manion Foundation funded 17 of the first 20 Mission Continues Fellowships.

If you are - or know of - a Family of the Fallen who would like to honor their loved one through our Foundation, please email us at [email protected] or call the office at 215-348-9080.

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